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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 1, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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right now. >> is it it the real deal or fuzzy math? >> 7.1 million americans have now signed up for private insurance plans through these marketplaces. 7.1. >> that was a cocky president. that was a guy who has had a condescending tone to his voice. a guy doing not only a victory lap, spiking the ball. >> does anybody believe these are real numbers. >> i think it's fair to say we surpassed everyone's expectation. >> the numbers are a bit of funny math. >> we of course were very pleased with the aca result. >> how many of those people have really enrolled? how many have sent their check in? >> in reality, this could be a real failure. >> there are still no death panels.
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armageddon has not arrived. >> i wonder if he he is going to have that same arrogance and cocky attitude when we find out the real numbers. >> to me -- and you these numbers are unbelievable. they're obviously cooked. there is no question. >> president obama touting the numbers. 7.1 million. but what about the numbers didn't he tell us? the hill's eleast viebeck joins voins us. >> thanks, greta. >> 7.1 million that's a good gross number it depends on what it really have made up of. what don't we know about that 7.1 that's very important. >> we don't know how were previously uninsured the way sold this law decrease the number of people who were were uninsured. we don't know how many of those people enrolled in these exchanges. we don't know how many have paid. we believe it's 80% to 90% according to the insurance industry told us. >> which would leave about 700,000 who are not paid. >> who have not paid. that's not dynamic group. enter and exit that group as they hit their payment
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deadline. we don't know who those people are. how many are young and healthy. they are essential to keeping prices down on the exchanges. as you have pointed out we don't know how many are subsidized and receiving taxpayer subsidies to make their coverage more affordable. >> they may be paid but not subsidized paid 100%. >> who has paid their check to the insurance company. we are not talking about who the federal budget is helping to subsidize on the exchanges. >> you see, we don't know, and that's true, we don't know. does the president know? does secretary sebelius know the answers? are they just not telling us? could they tell us a good ball park figure if they can say that about 7.1 million have signed up, can they tell us any of these other answers? >> no one would argue that the administration has been fully transparent with these numbers. it's likely that the administration likely at least has estimates for awful these figures because they are watching this very closely, but they are only releasing numbers that are only politically convenient at this time. for example, they told us it takes us days and days to
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turn sander enrollment figures. when it's a good number bine 7.1 million they have it day. >> there is nothing to prevent the president in the rose garden today to give us ball park figures and he certainly had a captive audience and we were certainly willing to listen to him as long as he was willing to talk. he told us. >> that doesn't take away what an achievement this is. last fall what a disaster. people weren't sure it would get to 3 or 4 million. >> it is only an achievement if it works. if a number is a number that simply is not sustainable. then it is not an achievement. if on the other hand, we have got a lot of young healthy people and a great percentage than it is an achievement. is he sitting on those numbers or his administration, they could really tell us if this was an achievement or not. >> i think what we need to look for in the next couple of weeks is a full enrollment breakdown from the centers for medicare and medicaid services what the best number i'm looking at are state-by-state numbers. if everybody enrolled in california, it's not a good number for the administration. it f. it's spread out that's better.
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>> the numbers sitting on to play politics with the numbers. we will see. >> sure. >> elise, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> during today's speech, president obama taking a swipe at republicans saying many of the tall tales. have been debunked. senator tom coburn joins us. nice to see you sir. >> nice to see you, greta. >> i thought that was a swipe at some of you and your colleagues. you come out with a report called prognosis. as i understand reading the report is that you predicted some things and now a while ago and now you are trying to see if your predictions were right. one of which let's talk healthcare costs. you predicted they would go up. >> yeah. and if you look at the average new insurance policy, it's going to cost 40% more that than it did last year. that includes higher deductibles and higher costs for a policy that's not like the one you h and not -- you don't like it as well. doesn't give you the same access that you had. so, we know the costs are going to go up. and we know the average, and as a matter of fact, we had the head of the cleveland clinic said three quarters of the people who lost their
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insurance are actually going to get insurance that they don't want. >> if you listen to president obama today, it sounded like the greatest thing to happen to america. >> look, that's politics of it: we had preexisting condition in this country right now. it's called the unaffordable care act. and what we have to do is eventually fix it. the president's 28 times has done fixes to it because the law was so lousiy. most of those are going to get challenged in court. ultimately since we don't have standing, we have to have injured parties bring those cases. the fact is their motives were good. we needed to fix the healthcare system but the one thing they forgot is market allocate scarce resources better than any government program. if you want to make something expensive, have the government run it and that's exactly what we have done. we have made healthcare for millions of americans less affordable with less access. >> you mentioned preexisting conditions and that's the win i think that probably pulls at most americans.
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you made a prediction about preexisting that patients were preexisting conditions that they will still face care restrictions. and then in your report you say -- you explain that even with this provision in the obamacare that there is still going to be restrictions for those people. >> there was two levels of this. remember, in the intervening period there was this pool of funds that they shut off very early for people with preexisting conditions. so, that's number one. most of the promises that were made over the last three and a half, 4 years didn't come to fruition for those people with preexisting conditions. now, with preexisting conditions, you will have access, which i agree with, i don't disagree with that as a physician for sure. but, the access you have is limited, one, very expensive, based on age, you know, that's the main requirement. age and whether or not you are a smoker: and theted choics going to be your caregiver.
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so, i don't think you will find anybody on capitol hill that doesn't think we should have not taken care of that. and, also, not taken care of a lifetime limits which the affordable care act did. most of the bills that run alongside that did it anyway. >> let me ask you the one the medical device tax for some reason that really makes me upset because now you have 32 democrats in the senate and 42 house democrats who want to repeal the medical device tax. and the thing that makes me a little bit crazy about that one is that it was in the bill from day one. they never bothered to read the bill. and then suddenly after the bill was passed and they find out that their constituents are medical device makers suddenly they want it repealed. >> here are the facts. 47% decrease in investment by medical device companies in this country. >> i'm not saying that and i understand your position that it should be repealed. i'm saying like, you know, why didn't anyone bother to receipt bill in the first place? now suddenly these democrats suddenly think that's a terrible thing because it's their constituents? >> it's their constituents.
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and that tells you that it's not about policy, it's about politics. and we should have never had a deal about politics. if you want it move big things in this country and solve big problems, you have got to do it on a bipartisan basis. this bill never had any bipartisan support. that's the reason that it's gonna fail. it has failed so far. if you look at numbers, and affordability, you have a .9 million people in 35 states lose their insurance. they have signed up, quote, today 7.1. we don't know what portion of that will stick because they have to pay the bill. that's when you have insurance, is when you have actually paid. but, 5.9 million people now, million of those now have come into the exchanges to get a policy that they can't afford or is less affordable to them with a group of caregivers that are different than what they have. >> insure about 3.1? >> no. we have got 4.1. no, that 4.1 are people that will buy it. 2 million people have made a choice to say this is not a good deal. i had insurance, i was happy
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with it i could afford it 2 million people have now said i will take the fine because it's better for me to put the same amount of money that i was putting in my insurance policy in the bank to cover. >> senator, always nice to see you, prognosis. i assume we will get another version before you leave office. >> probably so. >> nice to sigh. did president obama spike the football today? if so, is his celebration premature. joining us the hill's justin cink. susan ferrechio and john mccormick. general, today the president gave a speech in the rose garden and no secretary sebelius was up there. she apparently was in the audience and no mention of her in the speech. he mentioned leader pelosi and senator durbin. and -- where is the girl? i mean, why don't they let her up there. >> he is probably still upset with her for the botched rollout of the obamacare web site. today is an example that they finally got past those problems with the computer.
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>> why doesn't she get to be up there whim. >> i think that's a question we will have to ask him tomorrow. the problems with the web site may be fixed now. it's good enough that they can can get 7 million people on there. but the problems with obamacare still remains. the issue is not the web site, the issue is people losing their jobs, losing their plans. >> i thought it was awful that they didn't have her up there for all the beatings she took whether good or bad or something. it looked like they were throwing her under the bus. >> it's about politics. she had become a symbol of what was wrong with the healthcare law. the picture of her testifying before congress. the picture of her being used in campaign ads all about the failure. this is really was about declaring victory. you know, the president said the debate is over. >> every time they push somebody out, they will push the outgoing -- the outgoing one is on one side and the incoming one is on the other side. i mean, it wouldn't have taken a lot after all she had done for him and carrying water for him on this if he would have at least let her stand next to him. >> this is washington. it's a mean game in politics in washington. and i do think that she will
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ultimately be escape god in this. >> i think she will be to. >> it would have been a nice gesture to bring her up there. >> nice or decent? >> either of them. that said, jay jay carney did get a bunch of questions about this today why she wasn't the one announcing the 7.1 million number. why she hadn't made a big appearance. >> and he said? >> he said that the president retained full confidence in her. always had, always will. >> why isn't she standing next to him? why did he push her out in the crowd? i mean, that's -- you buy that? >> keep coming up and up for the administration. especially, i know you remember bill o'reilly pressed him on. >> i don't remember bill o'reilly. teasing. >> pressed president obama on why there hadn't really been any action against people in the administration at the time obama said that he was going to hold people accountable but he also said we want to kind of fix this. >> you know, frankly, i thought it humiliated her to stick her in the audience and stick her up there.
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that's why i didn't like that. i thought it was rotten. maybe i'm the only one. the president spike the football. >> certainly touted this number of 7 million. that's what they always expected if the web site worked this is what you get. if you cancel a million insurance plans and get 7 million sign up is that success? cancel their plans and nowhere else to go? yeah people are going to go there. best case scenario maybe a third of these people who signed up were previously uninsured. the key number to watch is the number of people who are helped versus hurt. if you go to a kaiser poll the numbers were even. now by a double digit margin people say they have been hurt rather than helped. same thing with gallup. >> quick answer, should the president take a bough for this or is he unfairly spiking the ball? >> gotten much further than they thought they would get at this point. if you want to talk superficially, yes, the underlying problems with the law i think are going to grow as more and more people become insured. and i think it will become
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more unpopular. >> it's undoubtedly a good day for the white house. what's usual when win a fight your owe poo meant doesn't tell you to brag about it we saw speaker boehner come out and say if you want to make the campaign about this issue, if you want to talk about it and louisiana and alaska, we would be happy to have that conversation. >> susan do they know have a good faith ball park number of how many young people are in that 7.1 million? do you believe they know that? >> i believe it's lower than what he they want it to be. it's not 10%. it's more in the 20% range. >> do they know it? >> that's a great question. everyone thinks that they know the numbers and only use them when they are advantageous to the administration. >> panel, stay with us. straight ahead, sean hannity is here. and i'm going to ask sean about a sex hotline. i'm not kidding. a sex hotline. that's next. also, breaking news the search for flight 370, the malaysian government finally releasing the full transcript of the
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conversation between the cock pitted and air traffic control. a live report from the malaysia coming up.
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two pretzels. put in on my capital one venture card. i earn unlimited double miles. not bad.
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can i get your autograph mr. barkley? sure kid. man my fans they love me. that's the price you pay for being world famous. he meant sign the receipt, fool. greg anthony. haha. hey man, could you sign my hat? he wants my autograph. earn unlimited double miles with no blackout dates from the capital one venture card. what's in your wallet? >> oh, brother, talk about a wrong number, hooking trying to call for healthcare help and getting connected to a sex is hotline instead. well, that's what happened in california where the state's obamacare web site mistakenly directed hearing impaired users to a sex chat hotline. my colleague sean hannity joins us. good evening, sean. >> wait, wait. did i hear this tease properly that you -- sean hannity on the talk about sex hotline? did i hear that correct? >> that's the best tease ever, isn't it. >> first of all, greta, you cannot make this stuff up.
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now, think about it i don't know if you saw the 60 minutes piece where they are building the capability, if you order something on amazon maybe a book or something, they will helicopter it over to your house and drop it on your doorstep within an hour. could you imagine if any one company in america spent 677 to. 3.5 years to do it. they had delays and then six months later after they spent another $77 million, then they -- went down again for another six hours yet. only government you cannot make this up, this comedy of errors. how do the people that screw this up so bad now they are going to take over our healthcare system and tell you if you have cancer you can't go to m.d. anderson in houston or malone kettering this is insanity right now. >> the president came out all excited about the new numbers.
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just in leading up to the new numbers leading up to the deadline there is a tweet, missouri arm of organizing for action and it said not -- sugar daddy. >> got a sugar daddy momma to pay for those medical bills? just wondering that tweet has now been taken down. who comes up with these? >> you know, you can't make all this up. look, this is real serious side of this. look, i have got two young kids and like every kid they are going to do things wrong. the only way they are going to get in really big trouble is if i ask them did you do it? i know they did it, and they say no and they lie to me. this fundamentally for me, greta, goes back to three big promises. if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, period. like your doctor, keep your doctor, period. and the average family per year savings is going to be $2,500 per year on average. we have had 37 major delays and fixes to this. we've spent literally $677 million to build the site that is inefficient, doesn't work.
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people's premiums are going to group. people are losing their care. and if this is just the beginning, what is this going to turn into at what point? it is actually frightening to me that some people, you know, are not as angry about being lied to by the government as i am. >> even for starters that 677348. i will take your number. what i don't understand is and i haven't seen the numbers. but the number of people who are now insured would it have been cheaper to take that 677 million buy them insurance and leave the others alone who were happy? i mean, that is what i don't understand. you know, that's what i don't understand. would it have been a wiser business decision? >> cbo predicts that after all is said and done, because, remember, one of the main reasons we were supposed to do this because we were going to -- the young and helgtedy were going to buy plans they didn't need, i call it a ponzi scheme, they were going to fund the sick, the elderly and uninsured. now we are finding out the cbo says there are still going to be 31 million
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americans uninsured. i don't know what to do about this. i like -- i'm a little mad at the republicans, too, that after four years they have not reached a consensus on what the alternative should be. paul ryan outlined his budget today and they are repealing obamacare. i'm fine with that but i personally believe in individual choice, and that would be healthcare savings accounts. i think that's the answer that allows portability and incentivizes people to get checkups every year. it allows you to take your plan from job to job, compete across state lines and get the best plan that works for you. >> i'm actually in favor of making sure people have access to healthcare. it's just got to be smart and economical and not throwing money away. i mean, every time i see this money just being tossed away on things that don't work. >> it's crazy. >> whether it's a web site that crashes. i don't know if oregon's site even works yet. that's the stuff that's so disturbing to me. there has got to be a smart way to do this. >> you know, for me, you know, this society was built on freedom. my grandparents came here at the turn of the last
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century. they didn't have any safety net at all there was no obamacare. there was no healthcare. they all managed to work hard and survive. the american dream is about freedom. unfortunately we are sacrificing freedom in the name of security, and the government is telling us oh, we will take care of your healthcare. we will take care of your entitlements. social security, government, they never put the money in a lockbox, it's going bankrupt. medicare is headed to bankruptcy. 17 trillion in debt. 90 trillion in unfunded liabilities. they are mismanaging our money. it's all a power grab and people still put their faith, hope and trust in government. which i will never understand for the life of me. >> sean, thank you for joining us. senator marco rubio tonight at 10:00. >> 10:00 marco rubio. a report on spring break every parent needs to watch. congratulations on your show at 7:00. you are killing it and i wish you the best. >> thank you, sean i will see you at 10:00. >> see you at 10:00. >> okay. everyone, it's time to hash
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it out. former president bill clinton taking to the twitter sphere, posting a photo of himself, mimicking the famous text from hillary. i'm following my leader. if is he giving us a hint about 2016? does he know something a photo blog secretary of state hillary clinton on board a military plane encouraging people to take -- it has been a few years but it looks like hillary clinton is on board. one ivy league college. what about all of them? the "new york post" reporting this student was accepted to every single ivy league school. it's true. 17-year-old from long island, new york receiving acceptance letters from brown, colombia, cornell, dartmouth, harvard, princeton, the university of pennsylvania, and yale. so, of course, the big question, where will he go? well, he says he is leaning towards yale and he hopes to become a doctor one day, it looks like. he is he off to a pretty good start, doesn't it? use #greta on all your
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tweets and posts. straight ahead, we have breaking news in the mystery of what happened to flight 370. we now have the full transcript of the conversations between the cockpit and ground control. here is the weird part. who is talking on it? a live report from malaysia is next. and also senate majority leader harry reid can't seem to get enough of the koch brothers. now even coining a new phrase a modern koch topia. what does
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this is a fox news alert. there is more southern miss industry about flight 370. 25 stays after the eerie disappearance of flight 370. malaysia finally releasing for the first time the entire transcript of the communications between the cockpit and air traffic control. now, the transcript showing the final words "good night, malaysian 370." adding to the mystery tonight,
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malaysian officials claiming they don't know who uttered those final words, the pilot or co-pilot. meanwhile, time is running out for the battery and flight 370 black box. right australian ship carrying u.s. civilian equipment is racing to the search site. there are some planes searching the area that an air traffic control plane is now patrolling to guard against mid-air collisions. for the very latest grn reporter is live in kuala lampur. can you tell us what the latest in this investigation is. >> yes, good evening, greta. as you say released the full transcript from the final voice recording from the cockpit. the surprise is the change in the last words. the rest of the transcript doesn't reveal anything of concern. the last words were originally recorded and triggered to the co-pilot all right good night. now as you say we have totally different last words. the mystery is why it has taken three weeks to sort this out. >> what is malaysia saying to that question? because naturally that's the question that everyone is asking them is why so much
11:30 pm
later are you finally telling us this? >> well, the government hasn't officially commented yet. it's caused a storm on social media here. malaysians are finding it very embarrassing the way the government has handled this disaster. this is just the latest mistake in the series of many. >> is there anything unusual about the pilot or co-pilot's background going back to the beginning on this a little bit? >> no, nothing has emerged so far. i know several people who know the pilot and they say is he a very standup person. nothing from the police checks or the international checks has shown anything unusual in the background of either of man. >> how about the two who were traveling on stolen passports? i mean, i know they they got a clean bill of health at first. are they going back and looking at them? >> no. they are not revisiting that they are quite confident that they have two gentlemen. traveling on fake documents is quite common, apparently. >> did the debris fields -- we have had several reports i sort of roll my eyes at
11:31 pm
but they say they're credible reports of debris fields and it turns out that it's exactly not a debris field. we have had french satellites and malaysian satellites and chinese satellites. is there any debris yet found? >> none at all. and australian officials announced to say we may never find any. this part of the ocean is full of so much junk ever junk and pollution. they are getting way laid by the fact has nothing to do with the missing flight. even that's bad we have a junked up ocean. the ocean is so gorgeous why does it have so much junk in it. that's another story another day. terry, thank you. >> thank you. >> let's all go off-the-record for a minget let's talk about us. he we sure know how to rally in an emergency. whether that emergency be the american response to pearl harbor in the pacific, hitler in germany or the first responders in the seconds, minutes days and months after 9/11. or even last week the firefighters in boston.
11:32 pm
in an emergency, no one tops americans. we all work together. and how about now? i don't know but, but i'm a proud of america's response to missing flight 370 with 239 passengers on board and their heart broken families. 99% of whom aren't even americans. but we care. we're there helping. that's our navy. they get lots of credit. long hours, pouring heart and soul into this. president obama and the pentagon, they get credit, too. they never said no, they said go american people, taxpayers. giant debt, but the taxpayers don't say. no they don't say it's too expensive. we say go. says a lot about us, doesn't it? we call each other's eyes out political fight emergency. that's america. everyone can can take a ball that's my off-the-record.
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budget plan leader reid calling the budget a modern koch taupe i can't. you heard right, a a modern coke topia that's because leader reid says the budget helps the rich at the expense of the poor. we are back with our political panel the hill's justin sink. susan ferrechio and "the weekly standard" john. >> he sure likes to. republicans are energized after what happened in 2012. same kind of up until today no great news about obamacare. lots of problems for the president. and foreign policy. so democrats are worried big dollar democratic donors who typically like to give to celebrity presidential candidates big names but aren't necessarily. i think by pointing out some of the big dollar republican donors harry reid.
11:34 pm
>> not gist a one time deal though. he spends a lot of time doing it in fact, one instance he said if you watch fox news you know how upset keep infolking koch brothers, great, senator reid is watching fox news. >> he gave a 5 minute press conference today and he invoked name four times in five minutes. all he does is talk about the koch brothers. i agree with what you are saying energize the base and donors. koch brothers are extremely wealthy. they are giving a lot of money to defeat democratic candidates in several key races they are making progress. >> are they the only ones? >> no, they are not. >> is there a democratic donor on the other side so we should have maybe boehner should get up and keep saying that boehner's name? >> that type of george soros, definitely a contender, a tom styer who wants to try to get climate change on the agenda. lots of very wealthy democrats are donating as
11:35 pm
well. money they are putting into. these numbers for the income of democrats. that's what is getting reid all upset. and talking about the koch brothers every day. >> i don't care whether republican does it or the democrats. i think it looks goofy or pathetic when you have demons building up hoping it's going to drive money over the transsem that the american people democrats or republicans are so stupid they are going to hear koch brothers, soros, i need send in money. >> who actually knows who the koch brothers are. do swing voters know who they are? does your typical american voter? >> they are devils. reid tells us. >> i think just hit the nail on the head. people who know who the koch brothers are are democratic million dollars. stiers -- democrats held this all night talk-a-thon that they wanted to give tom styer to give them $100 million. on one hand demonizing koch brothers as unamerican for the amount of money. the only reason they are
11:36 pm
doing it get their own big money guys to give them money. >> should they be embarrassed by that? >> interestingly though republicans tried this tactic in 2012. i don't know about invoiking george soros' name. >> all the time. >> it didn't work. it falls under the headline never dull. and i guess i mean, if senator harry reid, you are watching out there, yeah, we are talking about you and the koch brothers done it, right? >> panel stand by. coming up, benghazi news and email surfaces. does that mean someone is about to get caught in a lie. royals on the run are. breaking news in the hunt for a couple accuse much of living off foot stamps. that's what you pay for. while living on a classic yacht. the latest coming up.
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could it be the smoking gun. the today the cia's top officer libya at the time of the deadly attack appeared before a house committee
11:41 pm
cia's chief of station is the one who told former cia director michael bore relevant by email that the emails were not escalation of protests. one day later susan rice went on tv five morning shows and said the exact opposite. we are back with our panel. john, that doesn't sound particularly good. what's michael bore more relevant going to say about that email? >> ambassador goes out and says on five shows something exact opposite. >> i have no idea how he will explain or spin that is he going to have to do one of the two. we definitely now know it's t. was not escalation of the protest. that's what the station chief said to morrell in that email. susan rice when she came back on the sunday shows more recently she says i don't apologize for anything. because i had the best intelligence that we had at that time. no, she didn't. we know that the station chief said that this was not escalation of protest. she should have to go and explain now why didn't the best intelligence get to her or why wasn't chosen. why did it give weight to
11:42 pm
other rumors rather than this claim from the top guy. the top cia station chief? >> the only thing that morrell can do cia is he is did k. throw the white house under the bus or the state department under the bus, right? >> the big question that we may get an answer to tomorrow is whether or not he told either the white house as you say or the state department that the station chief said there was no protests. they are going to ask him that. if he says the white house was told of this, next question is who did he tell and what manner. >> why did susan rice go and say on five different shows that that wasn't the case? >> why is she still saying it it? >> right. why was the cia writing talking points for the white house? there is a whole bevy of questions here that need to be answered about their involvement here. >> facts justin, maybe getting into the weeds is that michael morrell is out of the cia. is he partners in an -- the beacon global strategy communications group which has panetta's former jeremy
11:43 pm
bash. michael allen is going to appear before. and philip who is close to sect hillary clinton. this is a really coasty thing what's morrell going to do tomorrow. >> one group not represented in that. the white house. some indication they might be going around the duck goose and they are the ones that get hit. >> maybe they are the ones that deserve it i mean, rice comes out of the white house shoonks she got directed by the white house to do this. it's tricky for the white house. either what's going to come out is that they did have information saying that this didn't develop out of a protest. questions why very pertinent information from the cia didn't make its way into the white house. a lot of really weird things happened after that state department. pushing it it then the cia had an in person briefing
11:44 pm
made it out like we were a bunch of lunatics because we didn't buy that story. >> it's really interesting too. because one of the questions here is morell said that the talking points got repurposed somehow. >> what does that mean? >> how did that happen earlier tonight catherine herridge said on fox, made the excellent point that the station chief's word is gospel. why did they decide to take media reports on the in africa over what they were getting from their own station chief? you know, that's really raises very serious questions about this. >> panel, a lot of questions. tomorrow is a big hearing so we'll find out michael morell testifying. thank you, panel. >> now it's time to show what you we are watching. we put together the most riveting videos out there tonight. take a look. amazing ocean rescue caught on camera. a british sailor falling overboard during a clipper around the world yacht race. he was in the freezing
11:45 pm
pacific ocean for more than an hour. finally his teammates coming to the rescue and pulling the sailor back on board. and this morning, senator ted cruz stunning fox viewers when asked about a viewer that he got a tattoo, senator cruz rolling up his sleeve and answering. >> i'm proud to stand and i have got to say my wife was fairly astonished. >> wait a minute, you have a tattoo of winston churchill? i can smell that cigar from here. [ laughter ] >> your wife just wanted her name on your arm, that's all. >> is that hen that or is that real? >> look, i will note if you look at the calendar, it might suggest something about a -- about what you are saying. i will will leave it to others to figure out. >> now to another april fool's joke samuel adams releasing beer infused with helium. >> who wants some of our new heliyum-ale. >> like it better from the back end. >> it's really malty and
11:46 pm
delicious. >> what's wrong with that? and that's what we are watching tonight. if you want to see more of the videos would he say just showed you, go to and straight ahead, a yacht, fancy cars and water front houses. breaking news in the search for a couple living like royalty while allegedly living off food stamps. (dad) well, we've been thinking about it and we're just not sure. (agent) i understand. (dad) we've never sold a house before. (agent) i'll walk you guys through every step. (dad) so if we sell, do you think we can swing it? (agent) i have the numbers right here and based on the comps that i've found, the timing is perfect. ...there's a lot of buyers for a house like yours. (dad) that's good to know. (mom) i'm so excited.
11:47 pm
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breaking news the self-proclaimed royal couple on the run and short time ago now under arrest. collin and andrea chisum lord and lady. minnesota prosecutors call the couple rich folks ripping off the season. accused of using welfare and food stamps to bank roll their lavish lifestyle. >> the attorney's office announced wrongfully obtaining public assistance and perpetrating fraud against the system against andrea and her husband collin chisum iii. >>ed me collin. scottish royalty and running from the law. >> lord and lady chisholm the third are fraudsters of the first degree. >> couple illegally connecting.
11:51 pm
>> fit for a lord and lady: were controlled bank accounts with 3-million-dollar deposit lakeside retreat in minnesota. and living on an 83-foot 1.2-million-dollar classic yacht. >> there is the yacht. there is the master state room. i have never ridden on a yacht that nice. >> were minnesota until authorities getting suspicious in 2012. the criminal complaint noting in addition to welfare benefits. the chisholms also receiving minnesota healthcare benefits including that massages in a posh spa in minnesota. >> these rich folks ripped off the system. i will assure you this office is going to do every darn thing we can do to make sure these people do hard time. how did police catch up with the couple miami new times
11:52 pm
alli joins us. i understand they are not on the run anymore. >> no, they are not. they were arrested last night in port everglades. >> where are they now? being held in broward county jail without bond. is the indictment or charging indictment out of minnesota or florida? >> it's going to be in minnesota. they are working on sending them back there now. >> are are they able to buy some things if they were on welfare or food stamps? the amount was peanuts compared to how much they had in their banking accounts. between 2005 and 2012, i think collin deposited about $2.6 million into his bank account and that money came from his company called tcn which provided internet services to a lot of countries in latin american and caribbean.
11:53 pm
2.6 million in the bank. explanation for. to getting on food stamps? >> what do you think? i mean, pretty outrageous story. >> so they are not talking, i take it at this hour? they are not telling? >> they haven't yet. >> how did they even get caught? i don't mean arrested but i mean like what led the authorities to suspect that they were food stampsz and had classic yacht and 2. -- whatever it was million in the bank? >> that's one of the most interesting questions i think i'm collin news reports. perhaps it was somebody else who tipped them off, i'm not sure. >> have they been on the run? i mean, what's their home base? >> well, when they were initially found, they were in the bahamas in freeport.
11:54 pm
and they were deported and then they were arrested as soon as they set foot in florida. >> where is their classic yacht? is that in the bahamas or did they abandon that in some port in some place else? >> that was abandoned a long time ago. they made a faments for a few months in 2005. they stopped making payments. i think it was seized by the coast guard actually back in 2005. >> so now it's been repossessed. had it since 2005. andrea's facebook was actually active until yesterday and she had her residence listed as royal palm village, which is a little bit west. >> alli, thank you. we will will keep following this one. interesting living as we say high off the hog on. but on taxpayer money on a largess of taxpayers. alli, thank you. >> truly bizarre. thank you. >> coming up, why did it
11:55 pm
take general motors 10 years to recall 2.6 million cars? !!
11:56 pm
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11:59 pm
bill o'reilly is next. but, first, get ready to speed read your way through the news. breaking news from capitol hill just moments ago, congress sending president obama a bill to aid ukraine and sanction russia for its annexation of crimea. the bill provides 1 billion in loan guarantees to ukraine. the bill passed with bipartisan support. sad news, the death toll now rising to 28 in washington state mud slides. 22 people still missing. now, dozens of families left homeless by the mudslide need assistance with housing. financial losses from the disaster now reaching $10 million. and today on capitol hill, lawmakers grilling the new general motors ceo. they demanded to know why it took g.m. 10 years to recall 2.6 million cars for a faulty ignition switch. the switch has been linked to 13 traffic deaths.
12:00 am
g.m. submitting documents to congress showing piece need to fix it cost just 57 cents. charles keating has died former head of lincoln savings and lone. tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," how important was it for george clooney to get home in time to catch the latest episode of" here comes honey bay boo"? why every celebrity owns a dvr. and what country did the president think joe biden was not real? >> poe land along with turkey and romania and germany and spain. >> and finally, will cats figure out the house under the sheet isn't real, or will they embrace more advanced technology? we will investigate how this could affect the next election. none of these story on "red eye" tonight. >> i'm tv's andy


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